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Why use Lightroom Presets?

Presets are hugely popular, and for good reason. They provide tremendous value for professional photographers and serious hobbyists. . Let’s take a look at the primary ways Lightroom presets add value to your work. 

Time savings

Time is our most precious commodity. Once it’s spent, there is no getting it back. Lightroom was created for this very reason, to save time. No longer do we need to take hours setting up the perfect shot. We can simply point, shoot, and edit later with Lightroom. Presets provide even more efficiency by allowing you to save edit settings, and push those edits across batches of photos with a simple click. 

Increased Quality

By using professionally created presets, you can take advantage of work someone else has already completed. It’s similar to having that particular photographer looking over your shoulder and giving you editing advice. Your images can have the same style and feel of your favorite photographers by using their presets. 

Save your work

If there are certain edits you don’t use daily, you might forget how to implement them. This causes you to relearn the technique every time you want to use that edit. With presets, everything is saved, so you never have to go through the process again. 

Testing edits

You can easily try different editing styles to decide if you like them. Quickly move through various edits to find the one that is just right for your images. 

Ease of use

Lightroom is far easier to use than Photoshop. Presets are simple and most importantly, they are non-destructive to your photo. This means the original image is saved, so you can try different edits without losing the original. 

Expand Creativity

When you use presets as the foundation of your edits, you can add your own flare and take ideas to new heights. Learn from your favorite presets and let them open you to new creations. 


Learn from other’s presets by opening the tab and seeing exactly what they did. This will help you learn new techniques.


When you use presets on all photos from a specific shoot, you ensure they are all edited the same and share the same style. This is crucial when you have clients seeking a specific look and feel.

These are just a few reasons presets have become so popular. Photographers of all skill levels are finding immense value in presets. 
New to Lightroom and presets? No worries, check out our blog for some great tips to help you get started.